Do you want to know how to get pregnant fast? Getting pregnant is one of the best phases of a woman’s life. Trying to get pregnant fast can sometimes be a difficult thing to do, especially when you’ve been trying to become pregnant and haven’t had any luck. Some people can get pregnant really easy, and some get pregnant when they least expect it. For those who struggle to get pregnant, this fact alone can really aggravate them. They may feel like it’s not fair that others can get pregnant so easily.

The chances of getting pregnant lowers with increasing age. There is an optimum age when a woman can get pregnant and this depends on her health condition. At the age between 20 and 25 years old, the reproductive system functions at its best. For all women who are struggling to get pregnant naturally, there should be no worries as long as the body is healthy. Pregnancy at 39 years old is possible if the body is healthy.


How to get pregnant fast and easy?

When you decide to get pregnant, you generally want it to happen right away. You may be disappointed if you start trying, and it doesn’t happen the first time or the second time or even the third time. Here are some factors on how to get pregnant fast:


The most important factor about how to get pregnant fast is the ovulation. A woman body will produce one egg every twenty eight days. This is considered to be a twenty-eight-day cycle. During ovulation, that egg will be released. That egg should be fertilized by the man’s sperm.

So, an egg will be released in every twenty eight days. If there are only two days during the ovulation period, an egg can be fertilized, it means that you will have twenty four days in one year that a successful implantation can happen. This is a fact that there are eighty five percent of all couples are successful of trying to get pregnant during that year as mentioned.

A better lifestyle

Recent studies show that drinking too much caffeine during pregnancy may increase the risk of miscarriage. Tobacco, alcohol and any other recreational drugs will impact the sperm health and may decrease sperm count.

Reduce the stress

It is important to reduce the stress when you are trying to conceive. When couples have trouble conceiving they see it as a stressful. They become more stressed rather than enjoying the intimacy. Stress and anxiety can impact your body and his. Low stress levels mean better male and female natural fertility.

A healthy diet

Having a healthy body weight helps to increase your fertility success rates. Being overweight or underweight can have an adverse effect on your pregnancy. A healthy diet will improve your conception rates. Eating your 5 daily servings of fruit and vegetable are also very important.

Here are some tips on how to get pregnant easy and fast:

Check – up with your doctor

If you haven’t had a check-up with your doctor for a while now’s also the time to do that. Getting a full physical will help ensure that there is nothing wrong with the way the body is functioning and that you are in a good place to create a baby. If you have any type of issues at all going on with the reproduction system, this will really make the situation harder for you.

Choose the best sexual positions

When you decide to get pregnant, remember to choose the best sexual positions. The best positions for getting pregnant is the missionary position. Remember, don’t stand up right away after sex. Instead, lie down and raise the pelvis slightly. This will help the sperm to reach the egg. Obviously this tip is for the woman.

Have sex frequently

Having sex everyday is not necessarily the best option either as the sperm needs time to replenish. Having sex on a regular basis is the best way to get pregnant fast. For the best chances, you should try to have sex at least 3 times a week.

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